Kenya AB Nguku (Light Roast, 12oz)


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Region: Nguku

Roast Level: Light

Flavor Notes: Raspberry, Plum, Boysenberry

Processing: Washed



Kenya coffee is known for its bright acidity, fruity flavors, and complex aromas making them great for brewing as a drip coffee or pour-over to highlight the origin notes. Kenya AB grade coffees are the second-largest sizing and have taste profiles very similar to the highest-grade AA.

Our Kenya AB Nguku coffee is grown by smallholder farmers living in and around Nguku Factory in Kenya’s Murang’a County. These farms sit at altitudes of 1,700 to 1,900 meters above sea level along the western slopes of the Aberdare Mountain range. The county boasts the fertile red volcanic soil and cool temperatures that coffee loves and for which this renowned growing region is known.


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